New ACEP emPOC App

In case you missed the announcement in EM Today or on the all-member engagED community, ACEP recently released a point-of-care mobile app! The app is free for ACEP members. Spread the word about this new member benefit via your colleagues, social media, engagED community or whichever communication vehicle you see fit. Thank you! 

New ACEP emPOC app: Transforming Care at the Bedside!

ACEP’s Point-of-Care Tools are transforming care at the bedside. We’ve recruited the field’s top experts and thought-leaders to develop tools our members can trust and deploy in the clinical setting. The evidence-based, clinical content provided in these tools ensures that you are providing the best possible care to the patients in your emergency department.

All of the point of care tools can be found on our website at: Point-of-Care Tools

We have released five tools in the initial release of the emPOC app:

  • AFIB: Atrial Fibrillation and Flutter
  • BUPE: Buprenorphine Use in the ED
  • ADEPT: Agitation in the Elderly
  • MAP: Management of Acute Pain
  • iCar2e: Suicide Assessment 

ACEP is currently working on the second phase and will be adding seven new tools and links to various resources, such as clinical calculators, smart phrases for the EHR systems and links to EMRA pocket guides. The app is free to ACEP members. Stay tuned for ongoing updates and the release of new tools!

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