RIEMPAC – Rhode Island Emergency Medicine Political Action Committee

Two Easy Steps for Contribution:

  1. Contribute at https://squareup.com/store/RIEMPAC or issue a personal check.
  2. Mail this required form to RIEMPAC, 405 Promenade Street, Suite A, Providence, RI 02908.

Give An Hour Today!

In the United States, a political action committee, or PAC, is the name commonly given to a private group, regardless of size, organized to elect or defeat government officials or to promote legislation. Legally, what constitutes a “PAC” for purposes of regulation is a matter of state and federal law. In Rhode Island, PACs are regulated by the Board of Elections and state established PACs may only make contributions to candidates for state or local office or for the purpose of advocating for issues of a state or local nature.

The RIEMPAC was established in 2003. RIEMPAC serves as the political arm of RI ACEP and as a mechanism for emergency physicians to have a direct voice in the election and legislative process here in Rhode Island. Although here in Rhode Island the interests of all physicians are served by RIMPAC, the Rhode Island Medical Political Action Committee, RIEMPAC is the specific political arm for emergency physicians. By contributing to RIEMPAC, emergency physicians can ensure that the needs of emergency patients and the practice of emergency medicine are protected.

Especially today, in the difficult financial times that Rhode Island faces, it is more important than ever that emergency physicians become more active advocates for the patients we serve and the physicians who serve them.

Your contribution to RIEMPAC provides an opportunity for emergency physicians to have improved access to candidates and elected officials. As a specialty we must make every effort to reach out to candidates, elected officials, and health care policy makers to educate them about the critical safety net role that emergency departments and emergency physicians play in the healthcare delivery system.

Every emergency physician in Rhode Island needs to be more politically active. Take the first step today by making a contribution to RIEMPAC. Every emergency physician is asked to “Give An Hour”…. $100 each year to RIEMPAC. You can contribute online or by mailing your check today.

Remember, only you can ensure the future of emergency medicine in our state … make a contribution today!