Climate Change and Health Committee

The mission of the RI ACEP Climate Change and Health Committee is to foster education, research, and advocacy around the intersection of climate change, human health and the healthcare industry.


The objectives of this interest group include but are not limited to:

  • Create and promote educational initiatives for the Rhode Island emergency medicine community. This includes a continued presence at the RI ACEP meetings, collaborative manuscripts, webinars, and online education for healthcare providers and community members statewide. 
  • Foster research on the intersection of human health, the RI healthcare industry and climate change. This includes the creation of a forum for collaboration on climate change and health research agendas through the RI ACEP committee. and website; provide guidance and resources for those who want to incorporate this topic into their existing research infrastructures.
  • Further advocacy around climate change and health of Rhode Islanders. This includes strategic advancement of advocacy that bridges the gap between scientific research and policy to promote fiscally prudent, data-driven, non-partisan policy that safeguards human health.
  • Support the interdisciplinary efforts of the RIMS Climate Change and Health Committee by representing the specialty of emergency medicine on the committee.


  • Committee members will collaborate on initiatives across institutions.
  • Committee members will work to assess current sustainability efforts at respective institutions and join existing efforts and green teams.
  • Where necessary, committee members will work to gain buy-in from their respective hospital leadership, educating them on the impacts of the healthcare industry on climate change and aiding in the development of sustainability initiatives.
  • Committee members will develop resources and supports for healthcare providers and administrators working within this arena.
  • Committee members will develop and present educational materials at RI ACEP and RIMS events.
  • Committee members will actively connect with state officials to help with state-wide sustainability efforts, as well as promote the advancement of climate change and resilience related policies.
  • Committee members will evaluate ongoing initiatives to identify areas for collaboration and crossover within the climate change arena, strengthening the RI ACEP and RIMS communities.

Committee Chair

Alison Hayward MD

Committee Leadership

Catalina Gonzalez Marques MD – Fellow Liaison

Kyle Martin MD – Research Director

Victoria Leytin MD – Advocacy Director

Alison Hayward MD – Communications Director

Katelyn Moretti MD – Education Director

Rebecca Karb MD – Research Director

Kyle Martin MD – Diversity Director

Gianna Petrone MD – Technology Director

James Thorndike – Brown Alpert Medical School Medical Student Liaison

Sarah Hsu and Swechya Banskota – Brown Alpert Medical School Environmental Coalition Liaisons

RIACEP Climate Change and Health Meeting Minutes

May 2020

February 2020