Annual Meeting 2019 – Summary and Photos

At the Annual Meeting at the Ocean Cliff in Newport, Rhode Island on June 19th 2019, RI ACEP confirmed a new Board of Directors which included: 

President (2 Year Term): Otis Warren, MD
Immediate Past President (2 Year Term): Catherine A. Cummings, MD, FACEP
Vice President (2 Year Term): Nadine Himelfarb, MD
Secretary-Treasurer (2 Year Term): Neal Madhani, MD
Councillors (3 year Terms): Jessica Smith, MD, FACEP; Nadine Himelfarb, MD; Achyut Kamat, MD, FACEP
Alternate Councillors (3 Year Terms): Michael Siclari, MD, FACEP; Christopher P. Zabbo, MD, FACEP

President Catherine C. Cummings, MD, FACEP welcoming attendees
Networking RI ACEP Members
Networking RI ACEP Members
Catherine A. Cummings, MD, FACEP giving last speech as President of RI ACEP
Joseph R. Lauro MD, FACEP, receiving RI ACEP Emergency Physician of the Year award for 2019 from Catherine A. Cummings, MD, FACEP
Gita Pensa, MD receiving a Special Service Recognition Award “For Courageous Public Advocacy of RI Emergency Medicine Colleagues” from Catherine A. Cummings, MD, FACEP
Otis Warren, MD presenting outgoing Catherine A. Cummings, MD with a plaque for her outstanding leadership for her presidency from 2017-2019
Otis Warren, MD presenting visiting ACEP Board Member and special Keynote Speaker Gillian Schmitz, MD, FACEP
Brown EM Class of 2023