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08/23/2017- Emergency Directors Meeting

Providence, RI

09/12/2017- RI ACEP Board Meeting

RIMS Offices

Providence, RI

11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

10/10/17 0 RI ACEP EMS Committee 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. at 405 Promenade St. Suite A, Providence RI 02908

11/14/17 RI ACEP MEmbership Meeting - Chapel Grill, Cranston RI, 6:00 p.m.

11/29/17 RI ACEP Emergency Directors Meeting - RIMS Offices, 405 Promenade St, Suite A, Providence RI 02908, 12:00 p.m

Latest News

07/21/2017 - RI ACEP, ACEP and EDPMA are in opposition to recent changes to Senate Bill 494

06/29/2016- RI ACEP Annual Meeting

Newport, RI

Image I  

06/28/2016- RI ACEP Board of Directors Meeting with Michael Gerardi, MD, FACEP, Immediate Past President, ACEP

Newport, RI

Image I   

05/2016- RI ACEP Attends the ACEP Leadership and Advocacy Conference Image 1 Image 2

10/2015- RI ACEP Attends the ACEP Scientific Assembly Image here

06/26/2015- RI ACEP Annual Membership Meeting

Hyatt Regency, Newport, RI

Image I, Image II, Image III

05/03-06/2015- RI ACEP Attends the ACEP Legislative Advocacy Conference and Leadership Summit Image here


04/01/2015- RI ACEP Membership Meeting

Open Forum

ACEP Fellows Honored

RI ACEP Clinical Policies Committee: Position Paper on the Use of Propofol in the ED

EMRA has numerous leadership opportunities and awards for medical students and residents – even EM faculty!  Please see this attachment for further details

11/13/2014- RI ACEP Membership Meeting

Pediatric Resuscitation Simulation

Image I; Image II; Image III; Image IV; Image V; Image VI; Image VII; Image VIII; Image IX

10/2014 ACEP Ebola Resources

10/27-10/30/2014- RI ACEP Councillors Attend Council Meeting at ACEP14 Scientific Assembly

Image I

06/18/2014- RI ACEP Annual Membership Meeting

Image I, Image II

05/2014 ACEP Leadership and Advocacy Conference- RI ACEP's representatives meet with RI's delegation to discuss important topics of concern: Image I

03/16/2014-03/22/2014- National Poison Prevention Week For more information, please click here

03/05/2014- RI ACEP Membership Meeting with Guest Speaker Gina Raimondo, General Treasurer, State of Rhode Island

Image I, Image II

12/10/13- RI ACEP donated funds to make it possible for the Providence School system to own a McGruff the Crime Dog costume and begin their own courses. Dr. Kamat was present for the McGruff's first appearance.

Providence Public Safety Complex

Image I  Image II

11/11/13- Membership Meeting

Women and Infants Hospital

"Emergency Delivery/OB SIM"

Image I, Image II, Image III, Image IV,  Image V , Image VI , Image VII , Image VIII , Image IX

Volunteers Needed for Tar Wars Program!

Please see the attachments for more information about how you can help teach RI fifth graders about living a tobacco-free life: TARWARSSpecial, VolunteerForm, TarWarsTimeline

October 2013- RI's Councillors attend the ACEP Scientific Assembly in Seattle, WA


06/27/13- Annual Membership Meeting

Ruth's Chris Steak House

Providence, RI

Annual Membership Meeting I

Annual Membership Meeting II

Annual Membership Meeting III

05/27/13- "ER doc calls for public health approach to gun violence"

03/21/13- Open Forum Membership Meeting

Chapel Grille Restaurant

Cranston, RI

March Membership Meeting I.

March Membership Meeting II,

March Membership Meeting III

06/21/2012- RI ACEP Annual Membership Meeting Images

Hyatt Regency Hotel

Schooner Aurora

Newport, RI

Aurora1, Aurora2, Aurora3, Aurora4, Aurora5, Aurora6

05/04/2012- Congressman David Cicilline Visits the Miriam Hospital Emergency Department with:

Gary Bubly, MD

Reagan Herrington, MD

Mihir Kamat, MD

Matt Kopp, MD

Brandon Maughan, MD

01/11/12-Tar Wars Volunteer Presenter Opportunity: Volunteers Needed!

       ~Event Flyer

       ~Volunteer Sign-up Sheet

October 2011- RI ACEP Councillors attend the ACEP Scientific Assembly in San Francisco, CA : Image

09/19/11- Brian Zink, M.D., named inaugural recipient of Frances Weeden Gibson-Edward A. Iannuccilli, M.D., Professorship in Emergency Medicine:Press Release

04/13/11- Gary Bubly, MD, FACEP, Immediate Past-President, RI ACEP NPR Interview for Mentally Ill Languish In Hospital Emergency Rooms:Please click here

09/09/10 - RI ACEP Board of Directors Meet with Congressman Langevin: Image

05/2010-RI ACEP members meet with Senator Reed at the 2010 ACEP Legislative Coference in Washington, DC: Image

03/2010-Gary Bubly, MD, FACEP, Past President, RI ACEP meets with Sandra Schnieder, MD, President-Elect, ACEP at the 2010 AMA Advocacy Conference: Image

05/20/10-Pediatric SIMS for Emergency Physicians: Please click here for more information.

11/05/09 - 2009 ACEP Council Meeting Highlights Report from RI ACEP's Councilors: Click here for Report

06/24/09 - RI ACEP Annual Meeting & Elections of New Slate of Officers (Invitation,

Past President Plaque, Residents)

View one of our presentations here.

05/12/09 - RI ACEP's ED Spotlight: Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island

Please click here to see this Spotlight!

01/30/09 - RI ACEP's ED Spotlight: Newport Hospital

Please click here to see this Spotlight!

12/10/08 -RI ACEP Report Card Local Release

Please click here to see RI's Report Card

12/09/08 - RI ACEP Recap of ACEP's Scientific Assembly Council Meeting :Please click here for this report.

12/03/08 - RI ACEP's ED Spotlight: Kent Hospital

Please click here to see this Spotlight!

06/26/08 - RI ACEP Annual Membership Meeting/Ultrasound Conference, Newport, RI

Event Pictures! (image1, image2, image3, image4, image5, image6, image7, image8, image9)

05/05/08 - Elizabeth Nestor, MD, RI ACEP member receives the RI Medical Women's Association's Woman Physician of the Year Award. Click here for pictures.

04/14/08 - RI ACEP launches new Web site.



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